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About Times of Textile

Times of Textile Delivering Innovative & Transparent Textile, Apparel, and Fashion News. Through its vast pool of insightful and imposing information, Times of Textile brings Buyers and sellers of the Apparel and Textile industry together on a single platform.

In-depth information on the latest happenings and innovative & sustainable developments in the textile, apparel, and fashion industry through the news web in real-time the news that matters the most. Each and every article is an analysis of the apparel, textile, and fashion industry written and investigated by industry experts who have rich experience and deep understanding of the local as well as the global markets.

Times of Textile is a prominent industry magazine that takes you beyond the latest insights. An established resource of industry information for professionals, suppliers, brands, and everyone who is connected to the textile, apparel & fashion community. This publication provides a deep dive into the latest happenings, market analysis, technical and editorial features, sustainable initiatives, and business profiles, in addition to a comprehensive coverage of innovations.

Why Times of Textile? Need practical, in-depth information on the latest happenings and developments in the textile, apparel, and fashion industry? You have landed at the right place!

  • Delivering real-time industry news that matters tracking emerging markets highlighting the best companies to source from. 
  • Covering all the industry events for innovation in product forecasting. 
  • By exploring the fashion industry and fashion events, we discover how technology can improve productivity and quality.
  • Foretelling the trending apparel products. 
  • Identifying the best manufacturing practices and sustainable development practices of manufacturers. 
  • Tacking retailers & brands for their growth strategies & monitoring trade data and projections.

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